Shih Tzu are a sturdy, lively, toy-sized dog that are very playful yet gentle & quiet.  They like to cuddle, mix well with other pets, & love children.  Normal weight is 8 to 15 pounds.  Most of Triple L's are the average to small size.  Unlike some Shih Tzu breeders, we do not attempt to raise a super small puppy that is not true to its breed characteristics.

Shih Tzu are non-shedding & have beautiful, flowing mane-like coats.  They normally train very easily & bark very little if at all.

Pictured below are some of my shih tzu puppies.  Please call or email for more information.  If calling, please leave a message if you do not receive an answer.


Current Shih Tzu Puppies for Sale


If there are no puppy listings, please email me to check on current availability.