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Cairn Terriers are a wonderful family pet.  They are very friendly, intelligent, & full of spirit, but are not high-strung.  Cairns are good watch dog but are not yappers or excessive barkers.  They can be at home in a small apartment, but they also love the outdoors & farm life.  Cairns will romp & play frisbee one minute & allow themselves to be dressed up in doll clothes the next.  Cairn Terriers are a very healthy, hardy breed.

I have worked very hard over the last 30+ years to make the quality of my cairn terriers as good and as consistent as possible.  I am also very particular with the disposition of my cairn terrier breeding stock so as to pass that disposition on to their puppies.  I usually have a beautiful variety of colors which I have also worked hard to achieve.​

Pictured below are some of my cairn terrier puppies.  Please call or email for more information.  If calling, please leave a message if you do not receive an answer.

If there are no puppy listings, please email me to check on current availability.

Current Cairn Terrier Puppies for Sale

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