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Purina Pro Plan puppy food for small breeds (chicken/rice formula), Nu-Vet vitamins wafers(info below), Milk Bones, Bil-Jac liver treats for training rewards, & several CANS of Pro Plan or Pedigree puppy (young puppies, only)


We like the medium or intermediate size


Stuffed animal (puppy proof) to sleep with, food and water dishes, slicker brush, comb, Oster shampoo or other good brand (preferably from a pet store or supply), collar or harness and leash

Nylabones, old socks tied in a knot, squeaky toys and balls

Pee pads if training inside, belly bands if training an older male (can be ordered online)

Another thing that we have found very useful is a puppy playpen or exercise pen. It is collapsible panels with a gate. Ours is eight 24 inch panels and comes in different heights. It can be used inside or out. It is wonderful to give your puppy a place to play and not have to watch them every minute!


Our puppies are vaccinated against parvo and kennel cough at 4 weeks and receive a 5-way vaccine at 6 to 7 weeks. They are dewormed at approximately 2, 4, and between 6 and 7 weeks.


All of our purebred puppies are registered with APRI...America's Pet Registry. They are very people friendly and require all dogs transferred into their registry to have AKC backgrounds. If you would like more information on APRI, go to


The Nu-Vet vitamins in our experience are a top of the line product. We don't believe that any other vitamin product compares in quality and effectiveness. It is an antioxidant formula that keeps your dog's immune system in a healthy state in order to fight off illness, allergies, cancer, etc.
This company is located in California and the vitamins need to be ordered via their 800 phone number (1-800-474-7044).

When ordering, be sure to give the order code of 11714. This code relates to us as breeders and will result in a lower cost to you. You may also click on the link below.

Another way to decrease your cost is to order a three month supply at a time and have your account be placed on auto-ship.

The vitamin WAFERS are given once daily as a treat.

If you order from this link you will not need to enter the order code of 11714.
Click Here To Order NuVet Plus Or Call 800-474-7044 #11714

NuVet Plus

Click Here To Order NuVet Plus Or Call 1(800) 474-7044 and use code #11714

NuJoint Plus

Click Here To Order NuJoint Plus Or Call 1(800)474-7044 and use code #11714

(for older dogs with arthritic issues)

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