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Shihpoo puppies are a cross of a poodle & a Shih Tzu.  They seem to inherit the best characteristics of each breed.  They have the easy-going attitude of the Shih Tzu & the intelligence & athleticism of the Poodle.

The size of our shihpoo puppies varies from 6 to 12 pounds depending on the size of the parents.  Their hair coat is wavier than the Shih Tzu but seldom as curly as the poodle.  The Shihpoo's face is more boxy than flat, and their body build is normally more similar to that of the Shih Tzu.

We have been raising this wonderful Shihpoo mix for about 30 years, and everyone seems to love them & swears they are the best!

Pictured below are some of my shihpoo puppies.  Please call or email for more information.  If calling, please leave a message if you do not receive an answer.

Current Shihpoo Puppies for Sale

If there are no puppy listings, please email me to check on current availability.

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