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Welcome to Triple L Farm

Location:  Ashland, MO

Missouri Dog Breeder

Puppies for Sale

Cairn Terriers

Shih Tzu


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1291 E. CALVIN DR.

573-657-9076  (Land Line)

Website Address:

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I am a Missouri dog breeder, raising cairn terriers, Shih Tzu, and shihpoos. From time to time I also have some purebred toy poodles.  These will be shown on the Shihpoo page.  Triple L Farm is located in central Missouri 15 miles south of Columbia, or 15 miles north of Jefferson City, and 5 miles west of Ashland. I am approximately 2 hours from either Kansas City or St. Louis. My family and I own 40 acres here and also have horses.  I have been a stay-at-home mom for 36 years and have been raising puppies for sale for that length of time. I am a small private dog breeder selling only retail to pet store sales. This allows me to be the full-time caretaker of my puppies with no outside hired help except for my groomer, who is a god-send, and of course my veterinarian.  I also have a wonderful friend who takes excellent care of all my animals......horses, dogs, puppies..... and makes it possible for me to go on my trail rides or leave home for any other reason. Bless you Chris!  ♥️♥️The breeds I have chosen to raise all make wonderful family pets and companions and I feel are size and disposition appropriate for children. All are non or very low shedders. Please click on the individual breeds listed below for breed characteristics and puppies for sale.


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Please click on your breed of choice below to check on puppy availability.  There are also additional links at the top of the page regarding puppy care, guarantees, directions to Triple L, and a photo album of past pups.  In addition, from time to time we have poodle pups that will be featured on the Shihpoo page.

I have numerous puppies that are getting older and due to that, have been reduced in price. Please contact me if looking, or for current pricing and availability you can get on Facebook and search “Triple L Farm, Hartsburg MO” where I have available puppies listed with photos.

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